Western Construction's Free Attic Truss Garage Plan

After more than 65 years of building Garages in the Minneapolis and St Paul area, Western Garage Builders really knows how to build a Detached Garage. A Western Garage meets or exceeds the strict building codes required in the State of Minnesota.

To receive our Free 12 Page Attic Truss Garage Plan all you need to do is fill out our form on the right.

Our Free 12 Page Attic Truss Garage Plan Includes:
  • Garage Slab Foundation Specifications
  • 2 Car Garage Elevation Drawings
  • Garage Framing Details
  • Braced Wall Details
  • And Of Course The Complete Garage Building Detail

Our detached 2 car Attic Truss Garage Plans sell for hundreds of dollars on the web and Western Garage Builders will give them to you absolutely  FREE!.